Mario Bonavia

Mario has a great passion for beauty centres, high quality cosmetics and he values professional work which is carried out to a high standard’. He personally holds the Management Course of the Beauty Centre in order to transfer useful knowledge to the Beauticians: this will help them to manage high quality innovative and efficient Beauty Centres.
He is one of the member s of the Technical Committee on the Equipment for the Professional Beauty, in the Ministry of Economic Development, The Directorate-General for the Internal Market, The Competition, the Consumer, the Surveillance and the Technical Legislation Division XIII – Technical Legislation and Security and conformity of the products (former Division XVIII).
Thanks to this , beyond being a consultant, he is always well-informed about the regulations and technician news about the market of cosmetics equipment.                         

He has an ambitious project: to create the figure of the Beautician 2.0, that is the beautician of the future, a figure who could offer the highest level of service, results, safety and an extraordinary training. This will bring back to the beautician what belongs to her: the dominion of the non-invasive cosmetology branch.

Mara Calesso

Co-owner and in charge of the Training, she has just a thought on her mind: beauticians and their happiness. She lives in order to support her beloved beauticians, 24-hour, and nothing can distract her from doing it.
Masseur and physiotherapist with long-time experience, Mara left the medical field in order to manage the biggest SPA in Italy, leading it, during just 6 years, to implement more than 10.000 therapies per year; then she decided to dedicate herself in the training. 
She is an educator in Japanese’s facial massage techniques Kirei and Kobido, Taping Advanced and of all the Fabbrimarine’s cosmetics methods; she is the point of reference for the Norh-East beauticians who call her, without using euphemisms, their “Guardian Angel”.

Romina Pesce

She’s the Beauty Consultant of Eastern Veneto and Friuli Venezia Giulia; she left her own Beauty Centre to dedicate herself to MM Cosmetica training and to take care of her little successor. She immediately fell in love with the world of marine cosmetics and she is always more excited about the Fabbrimarine line. She is specialised in the Thalasso’s line and she is at the disposal of her respected colleagues for demonstrations, trainings and Open Day.

Lorenzo Gobbo

Coordinator of the MM Cosmetica’s consultant team, he goes for miles and miles in Triveneto to give his best service and the best consultant to the customers. He loves sport and he is and incorrigible bachelor, he doesn’t know what the concept of free time means, because he dedicates every single minute to Beauticians and their needs. Lorenzo has a great and polyhedral familiarity with all the trademarks, from Fabbrimarine to Emocean, from Kripa makeup to the nail products Barielle and Xfecto.

Boris Valente

He is a Stakhanovite of the MM Cosmetica commercial consultant’s group, he never leaves a question without an answer, at the risk of turning it into personal mission. He is the point of reference for Treviso’s and Belluno’s beauty centres; he has just one goal: he wants her costumers to be always satisfied. He’s literally in love with his products, Fabbrimarine, Emocean, Kripa and nails, indeed he only gives them to the most deserving institutes. 


Radames Pettovel

He jumped from the tan sector to the cosmetic one, and it was love at first sight: now he cannot do without his Fabbrimarine and Emocean product lines which helped him seduce the Beauticians of Friuli Venezia Giulia and Venice. He is always helpful, accurate, and with his peculiar English aplomb, he will be able to recommend you the right sunlamp for Your solarium.

Vincent Lattanzio

He is the point of reference for the Beauticians from Trieste and Slovenia; he is the co-founder of the LASA Beauty Design, dealership of the Fabbrimarine, Emocean, Berielle, Kripa brands in Czech Republic.  

Lida Salkic

She is the co-founder of the LASA Beauty Design; she deals with the Slovenian market and she is the responsible for the great growth of MM Cosmetica brands in Slovenia.

Elisa Visentin

Beauty consultant of Occidental Veneto, she is a graduate in Cosmetology (she attended the Sem school in Padua, in 1994), she is the owner of a beauty centre since 1997, and she avails herself of a qualification in podiatry and muscular/articular massage.  Elisa is a technical consultant since 2008, with peculiar attention to the study of peeling’s concepts and cutaneous investigations, Elisa is a nutritional trainer since 2012. She has a master in Cosmetology and cutaneous investigations at Ferrara’s University. She is a capable business owner and she will be able to transform an Open Day in a great growth opportunity for the institute.

Debora Borgna

She is the manager of the MM Cosmetica’s nail department, and she holds high the banner of Barielle and Xfecto brands; she will always be able to give the best consultation and all the advice about the use, application and selection of the products. Recently, with the new entry of the great makeup brand KRIPA, 100% organic, Debora will give her personal consultation even about the Make-up area.

Eros Zanin

Medical Informer of MM Medical Division, he is the point of reference for Doctors, Cosmetic Surgeons and Centres of Cosmetic Medicine who want to apply the best certificated techniques and the medical products of the K-Surgery line (link for K-Surgery products). The medical experience is even explained in the new range of diagnostic products, of which Eros is proudly responsible for.

Erik Salkic

He is the Commercial Man of LASA Beauty Design; he deals with the Slovenian market; his job is even to inform the professionals about Fabbrimarine, Emocean and marine cosmetics.