Kripa. Wanting beautiful, loving.

How much is a gesture of make-up? Much, if an act of love towards your beauty, your well-being, of what surrounds you.
If you care about all this, Kripa your choice. Because it surprises you with a flawless performance, ensuring 24 hours of charm. It is rich in natural active ingredients and that you take care of your skin. Finally a beauty without compromise. Finally Kripa.

The make-up was not there.

Today, the traditional make-up can be a friend of beauty, but the enemy of well-being and the environment. Conversely, that of vegetable origin do not always maintains the desired performance, and may take various tweaks throughout the day. That's because it comes Kripa, the line can maintain the highest quality standards in full respect of your skin.
And all that surrounds you.

In addition the make-up, a real revolution.

Each product Krpa is not a simple object of beauty, but the synthesis of a revolutionary project.
The Kripa formulators, in collaboration with an expert team of researchers, have faced uncharted territory in the make-up. In fact, after years of research and tests, they have selected the ingredients of vegetable origin and the purest and performing raw materials able to ensure high performance and to satisfy the most demanding expectations. Kripa, a complete line, entirely new: performance and purity, beauty and wellness, together at last.

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