MM Cosmetica offers the best consultation service to beauty experts thanks to 3 beauty consultants, 5 consultants, 24 training courses every year and specific and focused services for every institute, such as the customized analysis of the points of criticality, the marginality, the point of balance and the investments’ coverage.

For every cosmetic product line and every equipment sold or rent, a customized business plan is arranged, according to the actual requirements of the centre, its actual costs and the actual price range, taking into account also the opening days and every other possible variable that could help to have a clear framework. That is the only way in which every single decision can be taken with outstanding awareness about the period of the economic return of the investments and the profits.

But that is not enough. The updated catalogues, the dossier “Incidenza Cabina” of the cosmetic product lines, the profitability schedules of the equipment and all the information provided with full transparency to beauticians and their accountants can always be found in our appreciated SECURE AREA of the website: if you have all your papers in order, you have nothing to hide.


MM Cosmetica can offer several services to SPAs, Beauty farms and Luxury Beauty Salons:

- Managing area

  • Business Planning

  • Costing, Pricing, Margin calculation

  • Break Even Analysis

  • Incidence costs calculation

- Training Area

  • Training of therapist on face techniques

  • Training of therapist on body techniques

  • Training of therapist on cosmetology

  • Training of therapist on marketing

  • Training of therapist on face check up

  • Training of therapist on body check-up

  • Training of SPA Manager in Personnel Management

  • Training of SPA Manager in Business Management

- Massage Area

  • Kirei Japanese Ritual

  • Kobido Japanese face massage

  • Face Rituals

  • Thalasso Massage

  • Maori Massage

  • Drainage Massage

  • Roman Thermal Massage

  • Ayurveda Massage

- Cosmetic Area

  • Cosmetics knowledge

  • Marine cosmetics knowledge

  • Cosmetic approach on face problems (acne, spots, rosacea, sensitive skins, erythema, oily skins, dry skins, mixed skins, wrinkles, deep wrinkles…)

  • Cosmetic approach on body problems (cellulite, body fat, flabbiness, stretch marks, aged skin, water retention)

Turn to MM Cosmetica: you will only find extremely experienced people, both in the cosmetic and in every field concerning the professional cosmetology. According to us, training, knowledge and growth of the professional beauty field are a mandatory priority.

Contact us to ask for a free visit with no obligation, or to visit MM Cosmetica’s showroom. The curiosity and the desire to discover and explore new chances belong to the most gifted, smart and, why not, brave people. And in the case in which widening one’s own knowledge does not cost anything, then there is no reason why not to come and get to know us. We are waiting for you.