The 3 Laws of Bonavia.
Our future vision of the cosmetics market go through a radical change in the way we formulate and produce the cosmetic products.

Too often low-level products entering the beauty center and tarnish the reputation of an entire sector.

Hence the three laws (of Mario Bonavia) to identify a REAL Professional Cosmetic:

1. A Cosmetic should not hurt. It seems trivial, but it is not at all obvious. The choice of the ingredients of a cosmetic is critical. Today the consumer is a victim of advertising campaigns that demonize such an ingredient or hail so-called active ingredients, which have very little active. The problem is that often, beyond the proclamations, the choices that you make a formulation level are questionable and losers is the health of the consumer. Or, why not, the beautician. Unfortunately, we are witnessing more often to the case of Beauticians, who after years of using lines with massive plant extracts (then extracted in alcohol) are ugly and painful furrows long hands. So here's the first great feature of a cosmetic: it must not hurt. MM Cosmetics uses, both in chedistribuisce products, both in products and formula directly, the same ethics: a cosmetic must have as its first directive a full bio-compatibility with our skin, a total absence of toxic elements and ethical control of preservative additives (required by law, but that can be chosen with extreme care). So be careful: products that boast a long list of plant extracts (nell'INCI is often the Latin name of the medicinal plant and the word Extract), actually conceal a disturbing truth: the very first ingredient (slyly undeclared) is the ' alcohol, which serves precisely to obtain the plant extract, but which in reality is a very aggressive preservative and allergenic. Usually this little deception implementing it products which then have to be "paraben free": they replaced the parabens (actually allergenic) with massive doses of alcohol, which is even worse.

2. A cosmetic must penetrate. Even this seems trivial, but often we do not realize that most of the doomed products for cosmetics, are actually ointments: ointments perform a function (if held) from the outside, the cosmetics have an effect if they penetrate. As taught by Dr. Alberto Fabbri, maker of marine cosmetics line Fabbrimarine distributed by MM Cosmetica, "there is no cosmetic that can "teleport" the active ingredients into the skin without penetrating itself". Indeed. The cosmetic product is an ensemble in which all the ingredients are inseparable: how is it possible that if the cosmetic does not penetrate, the active ingredients play functionWhatever? This is why the products of MM Cosmetics Professional Cosmetics, are all produced by "channeling", that is, penetrate and convey the deep functional ingredients, where they can act.

3. A Cosmetic should give a result. HowIn the only scientifically proven way: the cosmetic chemistry gives information to our body (the body language is purely chemical) in order to get him to take action (for example: produce more hyaluronic acid, to produce more collagen, drain fluids , etc.). THIS means giving a result. Here, again, the deception is around the corner: there are no cosmetics that contain a miraculous ingredient that brings back the clock for many years. The best cosmetics can introduce elements very useful in itself, as for example vitamins or collagen (if it is marine collagen, otherwise the penetration is almost impossible), but often the real effect of a cosmetic is excellent stimulate our body, our skin, to do something they already know how to do, but they have "forgotten" to do, such as occurs with drainage. A real cosmetic does not give a palliative effect, but follows a real result, measurable and long-lasting.