Aesthetic Equipment

MM Cosmetica has extensive experience in the world of equipment for aesthetics and solarium. Mario Bonavia, in fact, is a member of the Permanent Technical Committee on Equipment for the Professional Aesthetics at the Ministry of Economic Development, Directorate General for Market Competition, the consumer, the Supervision and Technical Regulations Division XIII - Technical Standards and safety and conformity of products (formerly Division XVIII). Thanks to this, in addition to being a consultant, is always informed about regulations and technical innovations regarding the aesthetic devices market. Not only that: for years he has taught at the schools of aesthetics of matters relating to the equipment and holds seminars as "The UV rays and Solarium" or "Equipment and their effectiveness in the new regulatory and technical framework" For this reason many of Aesthetics centers, Beauty salons, SPA and Beauty Farm, turn to MM Cosmetics consultancy accredited about what equipment to enter (or insert) in their struttura.Non always the most expensive solution is the one that provides more income to the center or raises its level. Indeed, the search for efficiency and maximizing profits Aesthetic Institute is our main priority.


ONLY WITH MM, you can have a personal consultation to assess the best option to buy or rent: in fact, we'll create a custom business plan with a very precise analysis of the profitability of the equipment according to yOUR needs, with yOUR prices and according to yOUR costs. MM Cosmetica is the most beloved company also by accountants of our customers, because it is clear and it shows real numbers.

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